They’re Here! Springsteen’s Official Live Show Downloads Now Available!

“Talk about a dream, try to make it real…”

And they have!  The day is finally here: one can download an official, high-quality recording of Bruce Springsteen’s live shows.  The E Street Band played in Cape Town, South Africa on January 26, 2014, and late in the evening of January 29, 2014 the first recording was made available – at the reasonable price of $9.99 for MP3 or $14.99 for FLAC.

Instant reaction:

It’s a good mix.  A nice balance of instruments, and a good amount of audience.  Maybe Bruce’s vocals are a little low, but this is the first time they’re doing this.  One imagines a little tweaking to the mix will probably happen over the first few shows.

Lots of little things can be heard in the mix that might get missed at some of the shows: a great guitar part by Tom Morello at the end of the “Death to My Hometown,” or the backing singers in “Out in the Street,” or the baritone sax of Ed Manion adding to the bottom end in “Spirit in the Night.”  Nice lyric change by Bruce in “Hungry Heart” to “…here I am in Cape Town again.”

(And that’s just from the first seven songs!)

2 comments on “They’re Here! Springsteen’s Official Live Show Downloads Now Available!

  1. Kathryn says:

    great news to wake up to this morning!!

  2. grumpycat333 says:

    Gee, I missed all the controversy about the $40 wristband. What the hell was that about? A bunch of grandfathers who don’t understand the internet? LOL. I got my first MP3 download from a Springsteen concert I attended in Melbourne, Australia. There were some sound dropouts where I was standing but the download is simply wonderful ! Not Blu ray quality, but certainly better than most youtube offerings. Sadly, for some reason, the second Melbourne concert remains unavailable with no explanation given. Keep up the good work with your blog!!

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