Gijon, Estadio El Molinón, June 26, 2013


I reviewed this show for Backstreets; review can be found there.

Gijon was one of my favorite shows on the tour, in large part due to several excellent choices on the setlist.  With songs from Magic, The Promise and Lucky Town, we almost hit the “missing albums” superfecta; if only something from Tunnel of Love had made it as well.

It wasn’t quite a perfect set though, as the flow of the show was occasionally uneven.  It was as if Bruce had all of the right songs, but just didn’t quite have them in the right order: “Radio Nowhere” should have been at the top of the show (not the encore) and instead “Travelin’ Band” should have been in the encore.  “Ain’t Good Enough For You” was slightly miscast in the start of the show, and of course should have replaced “Sunny Day” instead.  “Rosalita” could have worked better in the encore (or even after “Light of Day”).

It made sense that Bruce would bring back “Jack of All Trades” for Spain, but it was a shame that he elected to skip “Rocky Ground,” planned to open the encore.  I find it encouraging that he would consider playing the song again but it remains baffling that he’s unwilling to take a risk with anything other than the first slot of the encores.  He stuck “Rocky Ground” between “Tenth Avenue” and the final song of the night in Dublin last summer, and it worked quite well there; it would have worked well there again in Gijon.

One of the great joys of this show was seeing how Bruce reacted once he took the “Ain’t Good Enough For You” sign and cued the band to start, with him doing a double-take as the crowd was singing the melody back louder than the band was playing.  Of course, it really shouldn’t be a surprise to Bruce anymore that the audience reacts so well to this song — they did so in Oslo, and in Turku, and now in Gijon as well.

“You Can Look (But You Better Not Touch)” was a surprise, and it was a treat to see Bruce and Stevie clowning around, but also to see the reaction of Garry, who was clearly enamored of the audible choice and was grinning and hopping along as he played.

It was mentioned in the Backstreets report but it bears repeating that Steve had a very good night – his fierce solo in “Light of Day” that was unearthed in London reappeared and he had as much fun with “Rosalita” as I can remember seeing all tour.


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