Omaha, CenturyLink Center, 11-15-12


I reviewed this show for Backstreets (full review found there).

A couple of other notes:

When I had heard about the soundcheck – that it included so many songs from Nebraska, my expectation was that Bruce would choose the one that best fit the set and that would be the album’s representation in the show. Little did I know what he actually had in store!

At one point during the show, Max’s setlist could be seen on the video screen and the first ten songs of the show were played as written, with “Highway Patrolman” initially intended for the spot where the “Sherry Darling” sign request went.

As good as “Highway Patrolman” was, I wonder if it perhaps made the set at the expense of the soundchecked “My Father’s House,” which is in my opinion the superior choice. Once the show started I was also hoping that “Used Cars” might make a reappearance. These are only minor quibbles, however, as this was a great setlist.

I mentioned this in the Backstreets review but Clark Gayton has become one of my favorite band members to watch on stage, both for his playing and also his dance moves. He may not have the same obvious energy of an Everett Bradley but it’s clear he has a great time on stage. Bruce took a particular shine to him tonight, calling him for the first horn solo on three different songs, and bringing him down front. Obviously the horn section is connected to Clarence by blood, in the form of Jake Clemons, but I like to think that Clark brings a good bit of Clarence’s spirit there too.

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