Stand Up for Heroes

The live stream of the event was great and I hope it extended the fundraising capacity of the event quite a bit. (Note to the organizers: if you’d asked for the $10 just to get to the stream, I’d have kicked it in just to watch).

In my opinion, this was probably the best of the six sets Bruce has performed at the annual Stand Up For Heroes events. I note that I am also partial to the very first one, done in 2007, which had a setlist of This Hard Land, Devil’s Arcade (in its only ever acoustic performance) and Thunder Road.

Bruce seemed in great voice, and the version of “We Take Care of Our Own” was perhaps stronger than any of those done at the rallies in support of Obama over the past month.

At this point, anything from Tunnel of Love is a treat but I quite enjoyed the acoustic “Tougher Than The Rest” with Patti. It’s the first time they’ve sung it together in an acoustic format since their performance at Sonny’s Southern Cuisine in Asbury Park in July 2002. I just wish Patti could make it to more of the regular E Street shows so this would have chance at making the set.

The live stream unfortunately cut off just as the auction was about to take place: traditionally, the guitar Bruce was just playing is auctioned off.

One comment on “Stand Up for Heroes

  1. Mike says:

    I was there. It was a fabulous night. The guitar went for $105,000. Bruce also threw in the harmonica, six tickets to a show (not sure which one) and backstage tour. Wow!

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