Louisville, KFC Yum Center, 11-3-12

I reviewed this show for Backstreets; the review can be found here.

One outtake that didn’t make the Backstreets review: a hilarious moment during “Spirit in the Night” where Bruce called for some crowd participation. In his introduction to the song, Bruce has taken to telling the crowd that “the E Street Band has come thousands of miles to get the answer to Just. One. Question!” asking “Who knows what that question is?” and then holding out the microphone to someone in the crowd.

In Pittsburgh, the fan did a great impression of Bruce as they shouted back “Can you feel the Spirit?”

But in Louisville, the fan given the microphone had Bruce laughing hard after they answered it as “Is there anyone alive out there?!”

Bruce responded: “That’s the second question! That’s a good one!” and after consulting with Steve, noted that “that’s the old question!”

Here’s hoping that when he does the bit again in St. Paul this weekend, the person in the front this time asks “Are you loose?!”

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One comment on “Louisville, KFC Yum Center, 11-3-12

  1. Chris Coyle says:

    That was me. Almost 50 and as silly about being close to the stage as a 15 year old girl at the Justin Bieber concert. Glad I gave Bruce and the band a good chuckle.

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