Philadelphia, Citizens Bank Park, September 2, 2012

My review of the show can be found at Backstreets.

A few additional notes:

Show was 3:43:42 in length.  I think that’s the longest in the US so far this year.

I was shocked that Bruce continued the soundcheck after he became aware of all the fans in the ballpark cheering, and not only did he continue but the choices he made (County Fair, TV Movie) were great.  Taking the time to address the fans there was a great moment and to me showed how relaxed he is about his relationship with the fans at this point in the tour.  It wasn’t Helsinki but it was a similar sort of thing, an obvious bonus for the early arrivals.

Which is not to say that “County Fair,” in a full band arrangement, wouldn’t be extremely welcome in the set.  I had it as a possibility for Vernon Downs but it would be welcome anywhere.  “TV Movie” is more of an out-of-leftfield choice but perhaps Bruce thinks Philly is the place to give this a try.  It was last sounchecked in Philly as well, at the Spectrum during the Devils & Dust tour.

Bruce had a surprising number of uses of the F-word tonight (three during his introduction to “Spirit in the Night, plus Lost in the Flood).  The introduction about the (“m-f-ing Jersey Turnpike) was amusing but the profanity made me wonder if Bruce was annoyed at something.  Maybe the beachballs being batted around the pit?  (I’ll gladly take credit for killing two of them myself).

I really like the placement of “Badlands” between “The Rising” and “Land of Hope and Dreams.”  I’ve felt Bruce has struggled with where to put “Badlands” in the show (it moved from opening the set to closing it and back over the past few tours) recently, and as the penultimate song of the main set keeps the audience energy up and of course also makes thematic sense in that spot.

The E Street Choir had a couple of extra unannounced guests tonight.  “Working on the Highway” featured a woman who I believe is Garry’s daughter; and also a very young lady who bore a striking resemblance to Michelle Moore (her daughter?).  The second young lady stood next to Michelle for “Twist and Shout” (and had good rhythm on the tambourine) and also got special recognition (but no introduction) from Bruce.

A packed pit led to a partially obstructed view of Bruce for me at times but I had great fun watching the horn section and choir dance and sing along.  Both sections, particularly the horns, have really come into their own (in both personality and performance) over the past two dozen shows on the tour.

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