Dublin, RDS, July 17, 2012


Report from the show can be found at Backstreets.

For the first show of a two-night stand, this was a very strong show. Yes, the shenanigans with the power switch were hilarious but there was still a very good show between them.

Adding “Rosalita” to the encores (via sign) was a great choice and felt very fresh. Bruce has the encore structure down quite well at this point but had seemed stuck in a rut in that he was only able to play certain songs from Born in the USA in there (“Bobby Jean, “Glory Days,” and “Dancing in the Dark.”) Playing the hits makes perfect sense but there are other things that could go in there — “I’m Goin’ Down” remains a very popular sign request; material from The River (“Hungry Heart,” “Cadillac Ranch”) would work as well. A little rotation goes a long way.

“Easy Money” was back with Patti on stage but it unfortunately took the place of “Shackled and Drawn,” which, given its regular appearances during Patti’s absences, has developed into one of the strongest new songs and while “Easy Money” is welcome in the set, it shouldn’t be at the expense of “Shackled.” Patti did come out to the center extension to sing the second verse, but she and Bruce didn’t do their walk to the opposite ends of the stage. When coming back up, Patti tripped twice, leading Bruce to joke about telling her “not to wear those high heels!”

It seems as if sign collection is going to happen each night after “Spirit.” I’m not really in favor of repeating what was done on past tours but without doing something, the signs are going to be a big distraction. Personally, I still wish he would just tell people to put them away. On the positive end, “I’m a Rocker” was quite good fun.


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