London, Hyde Park, July 14, 2012


Review of the show is on Backstreets.

Some additional thoughts:

It seemed at times as if Bruce was simply trying to recreate what he intended to do in Vienna and this time succeeding, getting the audience reactions he expected and his performance being enhanced as a result.  He still granted a sign request for a River outtake, but didn’t become overly distracted or lose his focus with the signs.  He played “Johnny 99” as intended, and then still moved on to “Darlington County.”  Things that worked, such as “Raise Your Hand,” returned.  “Empty Sky” may still have been out of place but this time he knew where he was going with the song.

“Take ‘Em As they Come” was fantastic, certainly in large part to it being recently rehearsed in Zurich.  Nine years is far too long for this to have gone missing.   Note to Bruce (or Stevie): next up from Tracks disc 2: it’s time to bring “I Wanna Be With You” back into the set as well.

It’s been quite fun watching Garry on stage during the Eurropean leg of the tour, whether it’s him showing a little personality as he holds down stage left with Roy, or him joining in with Steve on backing vocals for “Spirit.”  Tonight, though, there was a huge grin on his face when McCartney was there.

I had heard bad things about Hyde Park following the 2009 show but having experienced it for myself I can only agree.  The mud situation was pretty horrible, woodchips notwithstanding.  Yes, the situation was terrible once the field had been torn up at the prior shows but that still doesn’t explain why some sort of turf protection (ie. the ubiquitous “terraplas”) weren’t used in the first placee.  Hopefully between the pulling of the plug and the terrible conditions will result in Springsteen’s management booking proper shows in London in the future.

The pulling of the plug on the band (literally) was quite remarkable given that Bruce came on promptly, without any delay on his part.  Despite simply having a large band with tons of equipment, the crew worked extremely quickly to have things set up after Fogerty finished.  Unfortunately, problems with the teleprompters had the crew scrambling and the show couldn’t start until everything was up and running.  I suppose there is something amusing that this was the show where Bruce actually got moving on time but the plug got pulled anyway.


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