Prague, Synot Tip Arena, July 11, 2012


My report from the show is available at Backstreets.

Some additional thoughts:

Yes, one could probably guess from the title of the site but I am a big fan of “This Hard Land,” but personal preferences aside, it’s a powerful song and a treat to get seemingly out of the blue.  Yes, there was a sign eventually passed up but it’s clear that after seeing the “Blowin’ in the Wind” sign Bruce had decided to play “This Hard Land,” and it was a great choice.

Nights like this only emphasize what a shame it is that Bruce’s handwritten setlists are no longer available.  I wonder if “Take ‘Em As They Come” made the setlist tonight after being soundchecked in Europe.  There was a small miscommunication between Bruce and Steve before “We Take Care of Our Own” and given the common word in the titles, it could well be that the song was under consideration for tonight’s show and it wasn’t clear when Bruce called out for a song after “Prove It.”  Here’s hoping “Take ‘Em” finally shows up soon (it was missing on both the Magic and Working on a Dream tours).

Full disclosure: it’s one of the few songs I am still “chasing”) and it is the opinion of this author that perhaps the only thing that was in any way wrong with the spectacular November 8, 2009 show was that it opened with “Wrecking Ball” instead of the far more appropriate “Take ‘Em as They Come.”



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One comment on “Prague, Synot Tip Arena, July 11, 2012

  1. Stan Goldstein says:

    By the photos, looks like you were front row in the pit…. Did you have to camp out for that spot?

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