Paris, Bercy, Night 1, July 4, 2012

My report from the show can be found at Backstreets.

A few additional thoughts:

Bruce had dropped “The Promised Land” from several of the shows on this leg of the tour already, to what I presume was good effect (having only read reports thereof rather than seeing the shows personally). And in fairness, I had written previously about the need to just drop one out of the several “tired” songs in the set, and how that itself would be a meaningful improvement.

Yet tonight’s show could not have more clearly illustrated that it is “Waiting on a Sunny Day” that needs to go most of all, even if “The Promised Land” stayed. Another child was pulled onstage, who not only didn’t know the tune of the song, but also didn’t know the words. This was not a crowd that needed to be thrown a bone of a singalong; the crowd was happy to sing along to everything from a hit to a deep album cut. It was perfectly obvious that the song was not needed in the set. Let’s hope Bruce noticed too.

Bruce has, from time to time, passed out water or his blue gatorade to overheated fans in the front, and I recall Stevie regularly throwing bottles of water out during a song at the end of the show. But I’ve never seen so much as what happened tonight. Eventually, after Stevie and Patti each emptied their supplies of water, Gil started passing out multiple cases of 1.5 liter bottles to the pit to make sure that not just the fans in the front were taken care of. I was impressed by their genuine concern.

The inclusion of “American Land” in the set was understandable but perhaps not the best choice. It could have been attributable to the heat, but there was no noticeable reaction or excitement from the crowd generally to the song, at least compared to anything else Bruce had played in the encore that night. Sure, the crowd enjoyed it, but would a well-chosen cover have gone over better? Probably. “Rockin’ All Over the World” would have been a good fit.

Night 2 Preview and Predictions:

Paris is one of only five two-night stands on the European leg (Barcelona, plus Dublin, Bergen and Gothenburg upcoming). Some of the “second night” setlist choices are likely: “No Surrender,” “Thunder Road,” “Night,” and “Prove It All Night” all seem likely. Perhaps “Shackled and Drawn” will take the place of “Easy Money.”

With Patti back on stage, the possibility for Tunnel of Love material in the set is intriguing. Perhaps “Human Touch” could make a reappearance as well.

The big hope here is that the band takes the opportunity to work up something new in soundcheck that hasn’t been played yet this tour. If they ask me, I’d suggest “Ain’t Good Enough For You” and/or “Gotta Get That Feeling.” The dearth of songs from The Promise on this tour has been frustrating, but it’s not too late to fix that!

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