Springsteen breaks $100 ticket ceiling in US

Very quietly, ticket prices on this tour have been steadily cracking the $100 (US) mark — when adjusting for exchange rates. The most expensive tickets on the 2012 E Street Band tour have been in countries outside the US: in Canada, where the top ticket prices was $116 (115 Canadian Dollars*); in Ireland, where tickets reached $129.38 (96 Euros); or in Switzerland, where tickets were $199.60 ($183.70 Swiss Francs).

Yet in the United States, where the Springsteen plays the majority of his shows, prices for regular tour (non-charity benefit) shows have always been very carefully held under $100, until today.

Tickets were priced this tour at $98.00, which represented no increase from the final leg of the 2009 Working on a Dream Tour. Note that this $98.00 is the “Springsteen” portion of the ticket. Most arenas or stadiums add a “facility” fee to the ticket, ranging from $2 to $5 per ticket, which is frequently hidden into the “face value” price. (A ticket for Madison Square Garden may ostensibly show a face value of “$103.00” but only because that facility charge has been added in).

It is clear that Springsteen has deliberately avoided cracking the $100 ceiling on his tickets going back several tours. Springsteen reunited the E Street Band in 1999 — long after the Eagles had their first reunion tour — and could have easily charged $100 at that point for tickets. Rather, prices were held to $67.50 for the best seats. The price went up to $75 for the 2002-03 Rising Tour and to $85 for the solo-acoustic Devils & Dust tour in 2005. In 2007, when the E Street Band returned for the Magic Tour, tickets were $95, and have held in that area, just under $100, ever since.

So where and how did this first $100+ US Springsteen ticket come about? Very quietly, it seems, in Foxborough, MA.

Foxboro Prices

Yes, that’s right, the top ticket price is now $125 (plus that hidden $3 “facility fee”) for the lower level and club level seats. Strangely, the field seats are still $98.

Want one ticket? Be prepared (after Ticketmaster has their way with you) to pay a whopping $140 for a seat that’s not very good:

Foxboro 3

In fairness to Bruce, $100 is a reasonable and fair price to pay for a top-tier artist in concert.
A sudden 25% increase (for seats in a stadium) is a strange move, though.

One is left to wonder: could this just be a product of Gillette Stadium pricing — the stadium that charges $40 to park (in a suburban setting) — or is this a sign of things to come for the rest of the tour?

* US Prices for foreign shows were calculated based on exchange rates in effect at the time tickets were initially put on sale.

2 comments on “Springsteen breaks $100 ticket ceiling in US

  1. momzilla65 says:

    Between this and the stupid wristband thing for recordings, I’m losing some respect for him. I’m a die hard fan and always will be – but over $100 for a pit ticket – that’s nuts.

  2. dwight says:

    I’ve always liked the wristbands he wears. To style a USB holding a show had me excited. What a memento of a show! Hearing how out of line it is comparing it to other acts is a true shot in the arm! Fix it Bruce!

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