Philly Night #2 Preview

Thursday’s show will be the first “night 2” of the tour and an obvious place to look for potential changes to the setlist.

Granted, Bruce has already started to change up the setlist in a significant way from show to show but playing two shows in the same city — the city where rarities come out more than any other — gives reason to be curious about what is to come.

The things I’m most interested in seeing:

1. Does the “The Way You Do The Things You Do / 634-5789” medley stay in the set?

Personally, I love it.  And would hardly begrudge it being in the set every night of the tour.  But — given the tools the band has (the singers, the horns) — the choices for potential cover songs are limitless, and this is a logical spot to try a different cover.

2. Will there be any changes to the new songs?

By “changes,” I don’t mean dropping them for old songs.  I mean adding things.  This could be the night to give “You’ve Got It” a try.  I would prefer that “Shackled and Drawn” come back ASAP.  Its removal from the set after only two shows was unfortunate and hopefully temporary.

3. Any changes to the encores?

I’m personally hoping for “You Can’t Sit Down.”  Or maybe “Do You Love Me.”

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