Tampa, Tampa Bay Times Forum, March 23, 2012

My report from the show can be found at Backstreets.

Some additional notes and thoughts:

The saxophone solos were slightly more spread out tonight, with Eddie Manion getting the tenor sax solos on both “Radio Nowhere” and “Talk to Me.”

The food bank speech returned (before “Rocky Ground”), with Bruce taking special note to remind the crowd that given the economy, there is “more strain on food banks than ever.”

I would expect that “American Skin” was a one-time replacement for “Shackled and Drawn” in the setlist, and not Bruce already dropping new material from the set.  Ordinarily, I wouldn’t worry about such things but the last tour was a big change in that regard.  I’ve felt “Shackled” was one of the stronger performances of the new songs.

I am displeased to report that there were again two particular signs in the pit: pictures of Clarence’s head, attached to a stick, that were bobbed up and down at various times during the show.  While the person(s) behind these signs may have initially meant well, they have shown to be consistently incapable of realizing that they are blocking the view of others with the display of their signs.  Time to put them away, you inconsiderate dolts.

I believe that Bruce’s touring staff truly attempts to make the general admission process as fair and safe for everyone as possible and considers the best interests of the fans as a whole when doing so.  That being said, when touring staff explicitly tells those lined up that they will repeatedly check people’s wristband numbers as they enter – so that the line stays fair – and then just shrugs their shoulders when it’s time to enter the floor – it’s disheartening.  People aren’t going to cooperate if they get told one thing and something else is proven to be true.

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