Atlanta Preview

While the Apollo and South By Southwest warmup shows showed us quite a bit about what’s going to happen on tour, I don’t think they came close to answering every question:

  • What else goes in the setlist for the standard show?

We’ve got the eight songs from the new album already in the set.  None of the covers from the Apollo got carried over to Austin, and we can safely assume that the Jimmy Cliff/Animals songs aren’t going to be repeated.  So what else gets played?

Material from The Promise?  Some covers for the encores?  The possibilities are wide open.

  • Is the beginning of the show set in stone?

Most tours have a run of songs that remains consistent for the entire tour — there was the Youngstown-Tenth Avenue portion of the set on the Reunion tour; there was the Rising-Badlands end to the set on the Magic Tour.  The opening run of “We Take Care of Our Own” through “My City of Ruins” was arguably the strongest part of the Apollo performance and clearly was well thought out for pacing and theme both.

  • Where does the main set actually end?

After “Thunder Road?”  Or after “Land of Hope and Dreams?”  It seems like the former is more likely.  If so, hopefully Bruce works on the portion of set leading up to Thunder Road, however, given that that appears to still be somewhat disjointed.

  • Is Michelle Moore going to be in Atlanta, and if not, does he play Rocky Ground anyway?

If Ms. Moore was available to tour, I bet Bruce would be bringing her along.  (It’s not as if the band isn’t big enough already).  But between Dave Marsh’s comments on the Sirius Broadcast and the fact that she’s only been brought out for her featured vocal spots (rather than singing for the entire show) it seems unlikely.

My personal hope is that Cindy does the rap and backing vocal line and the song stays in the set.  If not, keep your fingers crossed that Michelle has nothing else scheduled when the band is back in New York.

  • Does “American Land” stay on the shelf?

Let’s all hope so.

  • What about “Born to Run”?

I wouldn’t mind if it sat out the first leg of the tour as it seems inevitable that it will be back for the stadium shows (both in the US and in Europe).

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