Late Night with Jimmy Fallon – Friday, 3/2/12

My report on Springsteen and the E Street Band’s Friday appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon can be found at Backstreets.

Late Night With Jimmy Fallon Ticket

A couple of other notes:

No Curtis and Cindy tonight.  There was just no more room on the stage for anyone else, after Morello and the horns had already been added.

Death to My Hometown comes across a lot stronger without the faux-Irish accent, pennywhistle and “…death to my hometown, boys” line.  I understand the musical reference but he’s not leading a band of Irish workers against their Protestant oppressors in the mid-nineteenth century.  The horns give it more soul and the song comes across truer.

NBC Security and Bruce’s bodyguard did not seem enthused by Bruce’s suggestion that the crowd join him on stage.  It was reminiscent of several of the songs from the Carousel House performance in 2010 with the audience surrounding Bruce.  I am still surprised from time to time at his growing comfort level with physical interaction with his audience, whether something like this or the crowd surfing stunt we saw at the end of the last tour.

One comment on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon – Friday, 3/2/12

  1. Alan Chitlik says:

    I wonder what you would consider the top handful of Bruce tv appearances and does this make it onto the list?

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