Late Night with Jimmy Fallon – Monday, 2/27/12

The band is extremely well rehearsed.  Obviously things are going to be a bit different in a cramped TV studio than the big arena stage but the performances were tight and energetic.

The intro to Wrecking Ball (with a big chord/percussion introduction) will help it go over better in the arenas, rather than starting with just Bruce’s guitar strumming.

After the Grammies it seemed obvious that We Take Care of Our Own would open the show but having heard the two songs in order (albeit slightly disjointedly, with the commercial break in between) it may work better to have Wrecking Ball open and then We Take Care of Our Own as the second song.  Similar to the pairing of The Rising and Lonesome Day at the top of the setlist on the Rising tour.  It’ll probably also serve as a better lead-in to the third song of the show, the inevitable “wild card” slot of an older song.

No horn section present which was a slight disappointment but the Late Night stage is extremely cramped given the number of people in the band.  I still hold to my prediction that we’ll see something with a saxophone on Friday night.

Curtis and Cindy don’t have a huge vocal role on either We Take Care of Our Own or Wrecking Ball but they are being given more to do – playing percussion, plus Curtis now is doing the triggering of the loops on We Take Care of Our Own.

[Update: Video now available!]

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