Helsinki: Finally, a Four Hour Show

It’s no longer a myth – it really happened.
Tuesday’s show in Helsinki did indeed crack the four-hour mark.

Using methodology previously discussed here and a careful review of the tape, the length of this show was 4:04:47.
Show begins when Bruce gives his first greeting in Finnish and ends when he says “the legendary E Street Band, thank you very much.”

I also found it quite interesting just how aware Bruce was of his accomplishment at the time it was happening. Midway through “Twist and Shout,” he gleefully proclaims “somebody just told me we’re two minutes away from four hours” and then later congratulates everyone as he notes “Ladies and Gentlemen, we have hit the mark!”

It’s always interesting when Bruce makes those rare acknowledgments of the minutiae that fans care so much about. I’ve always suspected he has much greater awareness of such things than he usually lets on.

(Oh, and the pre-set? That was an additional 33:16.)

One comment on “Helsinki: Finally, a Four Hour Show

  1. Max says:

    Even if they say these things happen spontaneously, I don´t really believe in total spontaneity. I suspect the place and time were carefully chosen; if you plan to such an Olympic achievement, what would be better than to do it while the Olympic Games are going on, at an Olympic Stadium? And especially at the last stop on a long tour in Europe?
    For us in Finland who had the opportunity to be there it was a nice coincidence it took place here.

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